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Pratik Kashallu

Hey Cassicals , I am Pratik Kashallu and I am steady followers of Indian Classical Music…just like you. I’ve have a passion for collecting antique classical gramophone records and record players. Thousands of antique gramophone records and many record players are available in my collection. With this zeal, I am a Admin of world famous Facebook fan page "Indian Classicl Music Fan Club" which is loaded by more than 22K facebook fans and it's total weekly reach is around 90K

Ustad Vilayat Khan

The sitar is equal to Ustad Vilayat Khan’s name, who was the greatest sitarist of his generation. He factually could make the instrument sing. Such was his skill that his first 78-RPM disc was recorded when he was merely 8 and the last concert in 2004 when he was 75. …

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Pandit Bhimsen Joshi: A Deity For Aficionados


I don’t waste time on holidays. Instead, I prefer enjoying various music-related broadcastings on ‘Vividh Bhartee’. It has been my habit for the years now, to listen to those top programs. The last day also, I was on leave and so tuned ‘Vividh Bhartee’. Luckily, a phone-in programme ‘Ek Kalakaar’, …

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Shehnai Ace : Ustad Bismilla Khan

Ustad Bismilla Khan

If you ask, even a child, anywhere in India, “what is the shehnai?’ He will give a very simple answer instantly, “Ustad Bismillah Khan”. This is how Bismillah Khan is the king of the wind instrument and has almost become an inseparable phenomenon from his shehnai. He is one of …

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Girija Devi – Goddess Saraswati’s Servant

Girija Devi

Girija Devi was born on May 8, 1929, in Varanasi, to Ramdeo Rai, a Bhumihar Brahmin zamindar. Her father was the harmonium player and also taught music. She also had starred in the movie Yaad Rahe at the age of nine. Her first guru was Sarju Prasad Mishra (a high-quality singer, but mostly performed as …

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Asad Ali Khan : An Isolated Rudra Veena Player

Asad Ali Khan

When decades of ‘Riyaaz’ unite with the artist’s soul, it creates divine music. Listeners recognize the effect of pure music, when a slim and celebrated musician Asad Ali Khan plays his oversized musical instrument rudra veena with his brand beenkari style. He closes his eyes and a vertical wrinkle appears between …

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Kesarbai : The Niagara Falls of Indian Classical Music


Kesarbai Kerkar (July 13, 1892 – September 16, 1977) was an Indian classical singer of the Jaipur-Atrauli gharana and one of most eminent khyal singers of the 2nd half of the 20th century. She was a very famous singer in upper-class arena. Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore was very fond of Kesarbai’s singing. Owing to her melodious voice, she was called …

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Raga Darbari Kanada – Splendid Raga

Darbari Kanada, is also called as Darbari. It is a raga in the Kanada family, probably originated in Carnatic music. Occasionally it is called Shuddha Kanada or pure Kanada and belongs to the Asavari thaat. Frequently Raga Darbari Kanada is portrayed as the Supreme in Ragas. It was the 16th century, when Mughal Emperor Akbar’s celebrated musician Miyan …

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