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Pratik Kashallu

Hey Cassicals , I am Pratik Kashallu and I am steady followers of Indian Classical Music…just like you. I’ve have a passion for collecting antique classical gramophone records and record players. Thousands of antique gramophone records and many record players are available in my collection. With this zeal, I am a Admin of world famous Facebook fan page "Indian Classicl Music Fan Club" which is loaded by more than 22K facebook fans and it's total weekly reach is around 90K

Indian Classical Music – An Evolving Tradition

It might seem contradictory to listen to, but the only stable factor of music is evolution. Conservative gharanas also have experienced changes in their techniques over the generations in the performances of singers or musical instrument player. A guru never likes his disciple just copying him. He accepts at as …

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Inseparable Relation of Music With Yoga


Music obviously helps to attain Yoga. Music has an undividable link with it. The word Yoga has its origin in Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, which means ‘to join’. Thus, it has a basic quality to bond with everything that is divine. So considering far-reaching divinity in Music, it is evident that …

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Pandit Bhimsen Joshi : Become a car lover


Apart from his paramount career in music, Legendary Indian Classical singer Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi had a less known angle to his personality. He was wanderlust, an authority swimmer, a dedicated yoga enthusiast and a football player in his young days. He also had a great love for riding …

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Ustad Faiyaz Khan: The tabla Maestro

Faiyaz husain khan tabla

It was the evening with the dark clouds hovering over the heads. I was chewing the fat with a music lover friend at a small eatery in a remote village. At that time, the sky was lighted with a sudden thunderbolt. It was Ustad Faiyaz Khan’s tabla recording that was …

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Learning Indian Classical Music

Learning Indian Classical Music

Hey Classicals, Yesterday I was listening to a conversation between a mother and her teenage daughter at a bus stop, while I was waiting for a local bus. Mother said annoyingly, “Why are you so much adamant to learn Indian Classical Music? Don’t you know, it’s very difficult to learn? …

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Sangam of Kathak movements with Japanese tunes

Indian and japnese dance in pune

The last year, when I had been to Varanasi (Kashi), there were Japanese travelers in the plane from Mumbai airport. I wondered ‘what could be the reason that took them here?’ Then I started conversation with one of them, who coincidently had her seat next to me. Her name was …

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Indian Classical Music: Divinity of Simplicity


“Hello guys, recently I was with my family members to a family friend’s wedding ceremony. It was a typical Maharashtriyan wedlock event, where the entrance was decorated with big banana leaves, elegant ladies with their 9 meter saris (nauwar saris) were chatting and immaculately dressed gentlemen in silk Nehru shirts …

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Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Music Festival: Pune

Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Festival

“Are you coming?…If yes, get ready in ten minutes…Take your sweater with you, it’s like everything is freezing outside…We may come late night…!” Shivering cold of December end is never a hurdle for them…Hectic day is never an obstacle for them…as they all are true music lovers…and more specifically when …

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