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What is Indian Classical Music?

What is Indian classical music

Music has various facades. Its divinity and effectiveness is like a boon. Some may even say that it works as protein for our soul. It encourages our spirit. Its astonishing effect and melodies leave a great influence. We can see the presence of music everywhere. We can experience whistles in ...

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What is Dhrupad

Dhrupad Singing

There are three main divisions in Indian Classical Music. Unless we understand those divisions and sub-divisions of Indian Classical Music, we can never understand the soul of this music. This type of music has three divisions: Dhrupad, Hindustani Classical Music and South or Carnatik Classical Music. Read here What is ...

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Dr. Prabha Atre: A Shiny Star of the Kirana Gharana

Dr.Prabha Atre Kirana Gharana

An Indian classical singer of the Kirana gharana Dr. Prabha Atre was born on 13 September 1932, to Abasaheb and Indirabai Atre in Pune. Her role for making Indian classical singing famous at global level is very important. Her father was a strict teacher and it was the period, when singing was strictly prohibited ...

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Why Anjanibai Malpekar gave up singing?

Anjanibai Malpekar_Raja Ravi Varma

It was the very period of music and artists’ transformation when Anjanibai Malpekar initiated her musical career. Though, it was a positive change, yet at the same time, the wealthy music lovers would gaze at the women singers with immoral eyes. Majority of the rich music aficionados would throng to watch the charm of ...

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Gaan Tapasvini Mogubai Kurdikar : Short biography

Mogubai Kurdikar

It’s a universal truth that if parents keep ambitions, child also attains a high respect in the society. Same was the fact with Jayashribai, Mogubai Kurdikar’s mother, who also wished her daughter to be a summit in singing. With seven years old Mogubai, she left Kurdi and started walking to ...

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How does Tabla produce sound ?

How Tabla produce sound

Key difference in Indian and European Percussion Instruments The main difference in Indian and European percussion instruments is that their instruments only create rhythm and on the other hand, Indian instruments literally speak. The secret is in the ink spot on Indian instruments. European instruments have no ink smearing. Dhol, ...

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How to make Tabla drum instrument or Procedure of Tabla making

tabla masala or ink

Hello Classicals, In the chapter ‘History of Tabla drum instrument’,we have gone through the history of the Tabla.Now, in the current discussion, we’ll see,‘Procedure of Tabla making ’. Making of Tabla: The Tabla consists of a pair of Tabla and Dagga (or Bayaa), in which the Tabla is played with the right hand ...

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Parts Of Tabla Instrument

Parts of Tabla (Thabla) instrument

Hello Classicals, In previous article I was discussed about History Of Tabla now this article discusses various parts of tabla. A set of this Indian drum instrument majorly consists of the following tabla parts: – two drums, the left drum and the right drum. Dayaa and Bayaa in Tabla Set: The drum ...

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