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How does Tabla produce sound ?

How Tabla produce sound

Key difference in Indian and European Percussion Instruments The main difference in Indian and European percussion instruments is that their instruments only create rhythm and on the other hand, Indian instruments literally speak. The secret is in the ink spot on Indian instruments. European instruments have no ink smearing. Dhol, …

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How to make Tabla drum instrument or Procedure of Tabla making

tabla masala or ink

Hello Classicals, In the chapter ‘History of Tabla drum instrument’,we have gone through the history of the Tabla.Now, in the current discussion, we’ll see,‘Procedure of Tabla making ’. Making of Tabla: The Tabla consists of a pair of Tabla and Dagga (or Bayaa), in which the Tabla is played with the right hand …

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Parts Of Tabla Instrument

Parts of Tabla (Thabla) instrument

Hello Classicals, In previous article I was discussed about History Of Tabla now this article discusses various parts of tabla. A set of this Indian drum instrument majorly consists of the following tabla parts: – two drums, the left drum and the right drum. Dayaa and Bayaa in Tabla Set: The drum …

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Overview of Tabla (Thabla): Collective information about ‘what this Indian drum instrument is’?

Tabla instrument

On that day I was thinking about all Indian drums and percussion instruments, which I could remember. Considering each one in them, I pondered, ‘I consider the Tabla as the best in them. I, believe, most of the music lovers wouldn’t have any issue’. So, I decided to write an …

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History of Tabla drum instrument

Tabla picture

Hello Classicals, First of all, we missed you all and missed writing here for two complete months. From May ending we stopped publishing articles on due to some unexpected medical emergencies. But we are back now! with many new exiting topics. We are decided to start with series of articles on …

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Tyagaraja : A Saintly Music Composer


Tyagayya or  Tyagaraja  was one of the supreme creative composers of Carnatic music or Indian classical music and extremely significant in the development of the classical music tradition. His original name was Kakarla Tyagabrahmam and was born on 4 May 1767 at Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh to Kakarla Ramabrahma and Sitamma, a Telugu Brahmin couple. He …

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Dr. Vasantrao Deshpande : Musical Heritage

Dr. Vasantrao Deshpande

Vasantrao Deshpande was famous for his Hindustani classical singing as well as his unique presentation of Natya Sangeet. In 1920, Vasantrao was born in Sawlapur (District Amravati, Maharashtra). When he was merely eight years old, a renowned Marathi film producer and director Bhalji Pendharkar recognized his musical aptitude and introduced him in the role of ‘Krishna’ in Hindi …

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Pandit D.V.Paluskar : An Unforgettable Hindustani Vocalist


Pandit Dattatreya Vishnu Paluskar which is known as D.V. Paluskar was born on the 28th May, 1921 in Nasik, Maharashtra. He is honored as one of the most influential Hindustani classical singers. His father Sangeet Bhaskar Vishnu Digambar Paluskar also was a renowned Hindustani musician. Ultimately, D. V. too become a very sparkling …

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Indian Classical Music And Chords

Indian Classical Music has chords or not

Two of my friends were debating. One said, “Indian Classical Music has no chords.” And the other said “Yes, it has!” However, when their debating turned into exchanging hot words, I had to intervene. However, the incidence prompted me to write this article. Indian Classical Music has chords or not: …

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Why tabla has received a place of an ideal accompaniment in Indian Music?

Tabla Instrument

  While listening to Ustad Zakir Hussain’s tabla in my CD player, I started musing, ‘What can be the reason; the tabla has received a place of an ideal accompaniment in Indian Music? Why all the expert tabla players have achieved an enormous fame with their innate simplicity?’ The tabla …

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