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Download MP3 Tanpura Files For Male

How To Download ?

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1. Safed-7-B-G-Pancham.mp3 Tanpura mp3 files for men

2. Safed-7-B-G-Madhyama.mp3 Tanpura mp3 files for men

3. Safed-6-A-G-Pancham.mp3

4. Safed-6-A-G-Madhyama.mp3

5. Safed-5-G-G-Pancham.mp3

6. Safed-5-G-G-Madhyama.mp3

7. Safed-4-F-G-Pancham.mp3 Tanpura mp3 files for men



8. Safed-4-F-G-Madhyama.mp3

9. Safed-3-E-G-Pancham.mp3

10. Safed-3-E-G-Madhyama.mp3

11. Safed-2-D-G-Pancham.mp3

12. Safed-2-D-G-Madhyama.mp3 Tanpura file for men

13. Safed-1-C-G-Pancham.mp3

14. Safed-1-C-G-Madhyama.mp3

15. Mandra-Safed-6-A-G-Pancham.mp3

16. Mandra-Safed-6-A-G-Madyama.mp3

17. Kali-5-Asharp-G-Pancham.mp3

18. Kali-5-Asharp-G-Madhyama.mp3

19. Kali-4-Gsharp-G-P_2-pancham.mp3

20. Kali-4-Gsharp-G-Madhyama.mp3

21. Kali-3-Fsharp-G-Pancham.mp3

22. Kali-3-Fsharp-G-M_2-madhyama.mp3

23. Kali-2-Dsharp-G-Pancham.mp3

24. Kali-2-Dsharp-G-Madhyama.mp3

25. Kali-1-Csharp-G-Pancham.mp3

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  1. Parijat Pallab Biswas

    Very helpful. All in a bundle. Hats off. Great initiative.

  2. many thanks

  3. Very nice work.

  4. hello can i downlload Safed-6-A-G-Madhyama.mp3 this track free and use it for video making.

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