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Raag Durga: Bandish With Notations

Raga Durga Notations

Below are notations for Raag Durga. You can play it on Harmonium, Flute and violin also. You can use this notations for vocal exam also. Bandish and Notations for Raag Durga: How to play Raag Durga Bandish and Notations on Harmonium youtube link  

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Raag Multani

तीवर मध्यम कोमल रिगध, आरोहन रिध हानि पस वादी सम्वादी ते, गुन गावत मुलतानी Brief Description of Raag Multani:  Raag Multani is believed to have its origin in Todi Thaat. In this Raag, Re, Ga and Dha are Komal and Ma is Teevra. Vaadi is Pancham of Samvaadi Shadja. In Aaroh, …

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Raag Miyan Malhar

ग स्वर कोमल सप सम्वाद, उतरत धैवत वर्ज्य दोउ निषाद रुप साजत, मियां मल्हार का अर्ज Description of Raag Miyan Malhar : The origin of Miyan Malhar is believed to be from the Thaat Kafi. In its Aaroh, seven Swaras are sung, yet Dhaivat is prohibited in Avaroh. Therefore, its …

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Difference between North Indian music and South Indian music

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Vidwan Balmurali Krishanan sharing same stage

Is that ‘Much Ado About Nothing?’ No certainly not…as both the basic types of Indian Classical Music, i.e. North Indian classical music and Carnatic Classical Music have some fundamental variations. Today, instead of using long-winded narration, I would prefer tabular form to explain the same, which I’m sure, is easier …

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What Is Indian Classical Ragas ?

Indian Raga and instruments

Listening to a song while studying at night, was my penchant in my college days. One such night, I was listening to ‘Megh Malhar Raga’ based song ‘Kare Kare Badra, Suni Suni Ratiya’ from the film ‘Mera Naam Joker’. It was the end of May and clouds had just started …

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Raga Darbari Kanada – Splendid Raga

Darbari Kanada, is also called as Darbari. It is a raga in the Kanada family, probably originated in Carnatic music. Occasionally it is called Shuddha Kanada or pure Kanada and belongs to the Asavari thaat. Frequently Raga Darbari Kanada is portrayed as the Supreme in Ragas. It was the 16th century, when Mughal Emperor Akbar’s celebrated musician Miyan …

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